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January 4 Conrad Hall, Hollywood cinematographer, a two - time Academy Award - winner
January 8 Ron Goodwin, British film music composer and conductor
January 11 Maurice Pialat, French movie director
January 11 Anthony Havelock - Allan, British screenwriter
January 12 Maurice Gibb, of the Bee Gees, singer, composer, actor
January 13 Norman Panama, screenwriter and director
January 18 Richard Crenna, actor
January 23 Nell Carter, singer, actress
January 25 Robert Rockwell, actor
January 29 Peter Shaw, producer; husband of actress Angela Lansbury
February 9 Vera Hruba Ralston, actress
February 18 Jack Brodsky, movie producer and publicist
February 22 Daniel Taradash, former president of AMPAS; Oscar - winning screenwriter of "From Here to Eternity"
February 25 Alberto Sordi, Italian comedy film legend
March 3 Horst Buchholz, German actor
March 8 Karen Morley, actress
March 8 Adam Faith, British singer and actor
March 9 Stan Brakhage, filmmaker
March 12 Lynne Thigpen, actor
March 15 Dame Thora Hird, veteran British actress
March 24 Philip Yordan, screenwriter; won Oscar for "Broken Lance"
March 31 Michael Jeter, actor
April 1 Leslie Cheung, actor and singer
April 2 Michael Wayne, film producer; eldest son of John Wayne
April 12 Sydney Lassick, actor, best known playing asylum resident Cheswick in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
April 21 Nina Simone, jazz singer, "High Priestess of Soul"
April 26 Peter Stone, Oscar - and - (3 - time)Tony - winning writer
April 27 Elaine Steinbeck, actress
May 3 Suzy Parker, actress, model
May 14 Dame Wendy Hiller, actress
May 14 Robert Stack, actor
May 28 Martha Scott, actress
June 2 Richard Cusack, 77, ad executive turned actor/screenwriter
June 7 Trevor Goddard, actor
June 7 Tony McAuley BBC Northern Ireland broadcaster & film - maker associated with traditional Irish music and arts
June 12 Gregory Peck, actor
June 15 Hume Cronyn, actor
June 29 Katharine Hepburn, actress
June 30 Buddy Hackett, comic, actor
July 1 N!xau, Namibian actor
July 6 Buddy Ebsen, actor
July 25 John Schlesinger, director
July 27 Bob Hope, comedian, actor
August 1 Marie Trintignant, French actress and daughter of actor Jean - Louis Trintignant.
August 2 Don Estelle, actor
August 9 Gregory Hines, actor, dancer.
August 30 Charles Bronson, actor
September 8 Leni Riefenstahl, German filmmaker
September 9 Larry Hovis, actor, played Carter on "Hogan's Heroes"
September 10 Harry Goz, cartoon voice actor.
September 11 John Ritter, American actor, played Jack Tripper on Three's Company
September 12 Johnny Cash, American country singer
September 16 Erich Hallhuber, Bavarian actor.
September 22 Gordon Jump, American actor.
September 27 Donald O'Connor, entertainer, actor
September 28 Elia Kazan, director
October 2 Gunther Philipp, Austrian actor
October 3 William Steig, American cartoonist and children's author; creator of Shrek
October 5 Denis Quilley, British actor
October 20 Jack Elam, American actor, 84 years
October 21 Fred Berry, American actor,
October 23 Tony Capstick, British actor, comedian, musician and broadcaster
November 4 Ken Gampu, South African actor
November 6 Eduardo Palomo, Mexican actor (41 years)
November 9 Art Carney, The Honeymooners actor (85 years)
November 12 Jonathan Brandis, actor, reportedly suicide (27 years)
November 12 Penny Singleton, actress (95 years)
November 13 Kellie Waymire, actress (35 years)
November 14 Gene Anthony Ray, actor and dancer
November 15 Dorothy Loudon, actress
November 18 Michael Kamen, composer
November 20 Kerem Yilmazer, Turkish actor (58 years)
November 20 Robert Addie, British actor (43 years)
November 27 Will Quadflieg, German actor
December 3 David Hemmings, actor
December 12 Keiko, orca of Reino Aventura and Free Willy fame (27 years)
December 14 Jeanne Crain, Oscar - nominated actress (78 years)
December 17 Ed Devereaux, Australian actor
December 19 Hope Lange, actress in Peyton Place
December 27 Sir Alan Bates, British actor
December 30 Anita Mui, 40, Hong Kong actress
December 30 John Gregory Dunne, 71, screenwriter

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